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The Project

3. Financing / Funding

The Museum of Ethnology collect, preserve and research tangible cultural assets of all countries and all the peoples of the world. Within the framework of its dealing with the cultural heritage of mankind, the museum focuses periodically on varying thematic or local projects and exhibitions. In this times of narrowing federal funds it is necessary to look for external funds and sponsors for the respective main focus.

In parts the necassary efforts for this Thailand project can be provided by the museum's routine operation. These include among others the inventory list compilation, checking all objects from Thailand in the storage and in particular the design of the project's concept incl. the writing of evidence-based papers for the publications.

The intended emphasis of this Thailand project exceeds the scope of museum's routine operation and its means, the project needs external funding. Following services depend on external sponsors:

1. Taking digital pictures of all objects from Thailand / Siam

2. Review and reappraisal of the recorded information relating to the objects by local research in Thailand

3. (where appropriate) Acquisition of new objects in Thailand in order to complement the collection

4. (where appropriate) Restoration of selected damaged objects

5. Translation (Thai, English, German) of all texts/papers for the publications (online and print)

6. Setting up and supporting this project-website (internet publication)

7. Issue an illustrated catalog of the Thailand collections (print publication)

Sponsors who will encourage and fund this culture project are granted to be mentioned by name in all publications (incl. use of logos), a link from the project-website, as well as privileged access to the collections of the museum (also with guests).

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