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The entire inventory of objects consists of several smaller collections, which were acquired in Thailand by different collectors and brought to Vienna during the span of the last 130 years. In this section the entire collection will be assambled by the individual collectors batches and make accessible by this principle of arrangement. In order to search the inventory by other organizing principles (functional types/classes or ethnic minorities) swich to "Objects" or "Minorities" in the main menu.

Johann Natterer, 1882
One single object from Thailand, which was discovered in the Natterer-collection. Natterer was assistent at the "k.k. Naturalien-Cabinete" (antecessor of the "Natural History Museum" in Vienna) and he undertook expeditions in Brasilia (1817-1836). Since Johann Natterer never was in Thailand, it remains unexplainded how this single object came into his collection - (1882 - Post VII).
Anthropologische Gesellschaft, 1877
The collection of the Viennese Anthropological Society was ceded to the "Hofmuseum" in Februar 1877. The ethnographic objects derive from the Eastasian Expedition ("Austrian-Hungarian Expedition to Eastasia 1869-1871) with the ships frigate "SMS Donau" and the corvette "SMS Archduke Friedrich" under the scholarly direction of Karl Ritter von Scherzer (1821-1903). All these ethnographic objects presumably were acquired in Bangkok - (1877 - Post VII).
Münz- und Antikenkabinett, 1881
Ethnographic items of the k.k. Münz- und Antikencabinete (part II), assumed by instruction of the "high k.k. Obersthofmeisteramtes" in May 1881 [1881 - Post XXIII]
Payer Anton, 1883
Ethnographic items plus books and writings from Siam: Gift of Anton Payer, private secretary of the King of Siam. [Post XII - 1883]
Museum Miramar, 1883
One single object from the former possession of the Miramar palace museum ("Antiques Collection", Inv.No. 849). Between 4. - 13. May 1883 assumed for the anthropological/ethnographic department of the "k.k. Court Museum for Natural History" [1883 - Post XV].
Bock Carl, 1883
Ethnographic items from Siam and the "Laos-countries" - collected by Bock Carl during his expeditions in Southeast Asia in the years 1881 - 1882. Gift of the collector to the museum. [Post XXIV - 1883].
Haas Josef, 1885
This small collection of Buddha sculptures was a gift from Mr. Josef von Haas to the museum. He was Austrian-Hungarian k.k. Consul in Shanghai, linguist and a member of the "Royal Asiatic Society of Great Britain and Ireland". [Post VIII - 1885].

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