The Viennese Thailand Project
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The project in the context of the museum's work

The revision of the collection inventory from Thailand is part of the continuous maintenance of the Museum's entire collections. Within the scope of registration, checking and permanent updating the location of all collection items, currently we place this regional emphasis on the perpetual inventory of the storage. Concurrently, the in the inventory books and database registered information of the respective items is reviewed with regard to completeness and accuracy (corresponding the state-of-the-art knowledge).

The in this way updated view of the collections will be made accessible to the public in an innovative manner, in accordance with the Museum's statutory order. Among other things, Regulation no.395 defines the following tasks and objectives:

*   to enable a maximum degree of participation in the collections for the population
*   target group-specific, modern and innovative imparting
*   digitalization of the collections stock
*   open the collections electronically to the public
*   visualization of the research results in the electronic media
*   active networking, public relations and cooperation with other domestic/foreign museums and research institutions
*   enlargement of the collections: complement and completion (closing collection gaps and extension of
     collection emphases)

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